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Wednesday, 25/02/2009 ≅21:13 ©brainycat

I just updated to version-1.5. This update includes numerous UI tweaks, expanded results per page with excerpts, links to tags, and a new structure for the pages.

This is the first update that really digs into the database. As well as the template updates, there is much work to be done massaging the database into shape. But it will be nice to take a break from php for a while and do some pointy-clicky.

And have some time to write more posts and SURF MORE! I am SOOO behind reading up my RSS and blogs and news. F1 season is right around the corner and I haven't even read any racing news in a week.

Looking for slackware packages? I have a few dozen packages I've built, including multimedia libraries, gimp 2.6, afterstep 2.2.8 etc. Build scripts are included so you can tweak them for your system.

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