45 minutes until the spectacle begins…

Thursday, 26/03/2009 ≅21:50 ©brainycat

F1 TV season in .us begins in 45 minutes. I will probably be asleep; I have to be at work stupidly early in the morning. I'm so excited; it's funny how at the end of a season it feels like it's going to be forever until the racing starts, but when it does finally start it seems like last season just ended a couple of weeks ago.

I have high hopes for this season. Aside from the cars being ugly as hell, llke some sort of combination of a golf cart and a bulldozer, I think it's going to be a great season. I have very high hopes for my boys Kubica and Vettel, and I believe Ferrari will be the team to beat for the constructors championship. BrawnGP - Wow! The preliminary testing shows incredible promise, lets hope the cars pass scrutineering.

Dont forget to get your spotting poster for this year!

7 predictions for the 2009 Season:

  1. Kubica will lead Heidfeld in points, and will make 4 podium appearances
  2. The spread between first and third in the drivers points will be less than 19 points
  3. 5 cars will pit for repairs on the first lap of each race (FIA crackdowns on 1st corner maneuvering render this prediction null and void)
  4. Raikonen can't help but scoring points in the Ferrari, but his performance will continue to be lackluster
  5. Ferrari powered cars will outpace Mclaren powerplants for the first half of the season, but the gap will narrow by the time they get to Silverstone
  6. Alonso will be a third, fourth or fifth in the championship but for the Renault's reliability
  7. Vettel will make it to the podium twice

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