The Melbourne Race

Sunday, 29/03/2009 ≅01:52 ©brainycat


After seeing BraWn GP's pace all weekend, the only really surprising part of their performance was Barrichello's stall at the beginning. Hamilton did an incredible job of pounding away at the field to come home with some points. Kovalienen - the poor bastard, he never had a chance. And will Webber ever get a break at his home race? He was poised to light the fans up, but the first corner caught him out yet again. He clawed his way back to the lead lap by the second pits, but the poor bastard never had a chance.

Funnily enough, just as Bob Varsha was mentioning that Kaz had a chance to score some points, I said "If the kid manages to keep the car between the stripes and off the walls for once"... Three turns later, he bounces off the outside of a kerb and spins into the opposite wall. HAHAHHAHAHA, sucks to be him.

What was the story on the safety car? Why did it take so long to get it out? Fortunately, the corner workers were doing their jobs and kept everyone out of Kaz's debris. And then, several laps after the remains of Kaz's Williams was lifted off the track, the grid was still behind the safety car. Maybe Bernie wanted to make absolutely certian sure the drivers were blind going into all the west-facing corners.

Ferrari. Oh my. What happened? Why did Raikkonen pit 5 times and retire? Is this going to be another one of those years where it's really to be hard to be a Ferrari fan?

The best part of this race was Vettel and Kubica, my two favorite drivers. Watching Vettel push his Red Bull trying to keep Button in sight, staying consistent and not making any mistakes, it's a privilege to be able to watch this young future world champion ply his trade and get the experience that will undoubtedly take him to the top. Kubica had a great race too. Until Kubica pushed Vettel too far inside with his hard tires, and Vettel's worn out soft tires slid into Kubica, ultimately taking both of them out. You can blame Kubica for pushing Vettel to far to the inside, and you can blame Vettel for hanging on to a position he could not hope to hold against Kubica's better tires. Ultimately, I call it a "racing incident". This is part of the sport now that the FIA has mandated that Bridgestone supply wildly different compounds.

I was SO looking forward to gloating about how well my boys did this weekend, and then they take each other out. Ouch. I bet there's just a touch of animosity going on there.

Buemi - what a surprise! The lad has a solid car underneath him, no doubt. He handled himself pretty dam well out there, and took the fight to Hamilton and Trulli a couple of times and held his own. Good for him, I'll be keeping an eye on him this season for sure.

KERS is useless to me unless I know when someone is using it, as are the dynamic flaps. They should have an indicator on the live timing feed, a little light that shines when someone is moving the flaps or activating KERS. Otherwise, it's totally invisible on both TV and the timing feed.

I didn't want to know who had how much fuel, until Steve Matchett started talking about it. I liked trying to second guess the teams' strategies. Of course, once he mentioned it I looked it up right away.

All in all, it was a fantastic race weekend. I can't wait till next week for one of my favorite tracks, Sepang. I love those two straights with the hairpin in the middle, it's such a great way to show how fast these cars accelerate and brake.

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