Who really pays taxes

Thursday, 16/04/2009 ≅12:21 ©brainycat

I didn't want to say anything about the nationwide teabagging. I didn't want to give those wackos that kind of credit. Of course, Dispatches from the Culture Wars came up with some info too good not to share.

Above and beyond the usual hypocrisy the right brought out for display, the baseless jingoism and thinly veiled theocratic and racist ideals, the right's ability to completely ignore the history of the last century and rewrite this centurie's history were soundly picked apart.

The best part, of course, was this post describing in detail, with congress' own data, how the tax rate today is less than it has been for most of the modern era. Additionally, the data clearly show that the wealthiest 20% pay approximately 50% of their tax rate, while the 80% that includes eeryone I know pays nearly 100% of our tax rate.

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