Wednesday Weirdness #53

Wednesday, 29/04/2009 ≅14:09 ©brainycat

This week's Wednesday Weirdness meme features questions by: Another Suburban Mom.

  • 1. Is there a particular smell that turns you on? If so what is it?

Yes, lots of things. I suppose the most interesting olfactory fetishes I have are orange Dial liquid hand soap and Dektol. Why? When I was in highschool, I took a lot of engineering classes, which were in the same wing as the art classes. I'd often wander out of drafting class and hang out with my girlfriend in the darkroom while she developed her photos. A dark, secluded area, a sense of danger, teenage hormones... you know what happened. Often.

Shortly before I met my wife, I dated a women who used Dial soap. A lot. Almost in an obsessive/compulsive sort of way, but I have a thing for hygiene, so it worked out really well. Interestingly, research seems to indicate scent is more important for female mammals then for men.

  • 2. Have you ever tried or considered trying a Master Cleanse type method to lose weight?

Yes, in an effort to control IBS. They tasted yucky, I lost weight that I didn't need to lose, and I can't really said it did anything for my condition. Identifying and avoiding my "trigger foods" was much more useful.

  • 3. When you browsing a book store for reading material, do you find yourself checking out a book solely based on the cover design?

Only if there's naked women on the cover. But I'm sort of a pig like that. I spend all my time in bookstores in the computer books area, or the auto racing magazine rack. If I start wandering around, I'll spend more money than I can really afford to.

  • 4. Which 80's trend were you least happy to see come back this year; big shoulder pads or neon?


  • 5. How long do you think could you disappear for until someone would notice your absence and start looking for you?

Until about midnight, then my wife would assume I'm at a bar relapsing and/or in bed with someone else.

  • 6. Have you ever walked out of a movie and asked for your money back? Which movie(s) and why?

Yes. I walked out of "Shanghai Knights" because the sound was way off, and they gave us coupons for free admission to another movie. Otherwise, I'm pretty good about making sure I don't spend money to go see a flick in a theater unless I know it's worthwhile. There's been plenty of DVDs that I didn't bother to finish. The most recent is "Rise of the Lycans". I dont' know why I tried to watch it. The other Underworld movies were so bad I found myself hoping for the sudden onset of eye cancer to spare me from the disaster unfolding on the tv.

  • 7. Have you ever changed your plans because of something you read in your horoscope?

Are you kidding? The horoscope changes for me!

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