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Thursday, 21/05/2009 ≅11:24 ©brainycat

The Boston police department has informed it's citizenry that it will warn them of the zombiepocalypse. I only hope that Seattle's PD is as forward thinking as well. Of course, with all the hippies around here, it'll be a handful of gun owners and the cops vs. the unarmed zombies.

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 On Thursday, 21/05/2009 ≅ 11:24 ©Iseeyou spoke thusly: 

در 4:29 pmmohsen میگوید:ghable ezavjdeam moshaver be man goft ke ba in case ke dar nazar dari ezdevaj nakon va alan afsoos mikhoram ke chera be harfesh gush nakardam va alan bad az 2 sal zendegie msohtarak daram az ahmsaram joda misham

 On Thursday, 21/05/2009 ≅ 11:24 ©Mohit Chauhan spoke thusly: 

zombiepocalypse… a really nice reason ..LOL



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