WordPress 2.8.3 Upgrade: Success!

Monday, 10/08/2009 ≅07:56 ©brainycat

I fixed the bugs I flushed out. What happened is that my hack to get quarterly archives did in fact rely on $wpdb and the old taxonomy structure, so those calls were returning NULL results. I fixed it by doing away with the quarterly archives and deploying a dropdown with javascript.

My other bug was the pagination through archives. Sometime along the line, posts_nav_link() was deprecated in favor of next_posts_link() and previous_posts_link(). I swapped out those functions and voila, pagination happiness ensued.

In other news, I really do plan on updating this blog more regularly. I am TOTALLY sucked into twitter, though like any other interpersonal communication medium, it's important to limit how much space it gets in your life. I've been really good about staying away from it during the weekends. What I need to do is commit myself to a schedule of updating my blog at regular intervals. I have a pile of ideas I want to write about, but coding a new website, twitter, and life in general just keep getting in the way.

Looking for slackware packages? I have a few dozen packages I've built, including multimedia libraries, gimp 2.6, afterstep 2.2.8 etc. Build scripts are included so you can tweak them for your system.

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