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Monday, 28/12/2009 ≅22:56 ©brainycat

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 On Monday, 28/12/2009 ≅ 22:56 ©Andressa spoke thusly: 

I really like this wintirg style.It is so entertaining. By the way, I like ” pa war” especially after arriving in the US.May be it is because I wanna hide my neck or that the weather is cold, or both. Iora

 On Monday, 28/12/2009 ≅ 22:56 ©Cadampog spoke thusly: 

در 9:24 pmelmira میگوید:salam man 3 sale tu rome zenedgi mikonamkheili baram sakhte ke ba farhange inja hamahang besham dustaye kami daram va daram dochare afsrdegi mishammoshaverine shoma emkane komak be manbaraye hale in moshkel ro daran?

 On Monday, 28/12/2009 ≅ 22:56 ©levitra spoke thusly: 

Bullshit, Michael. You don't have to submit to anything. You don't have to dress or behave to appease idiots or the lowest common denominator or what-have-you. All you have to know is what you're getting yourself into by going against the grain. I'm all for going against the grain and pissing people off for no good reason — but I don't have the nerve to react with shock when people respond the way I damn well knew or should've known they would when I dress or behave a certain way. That simple.

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