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Wednesday, 25/02/2009 ≅20:44 ©brainycat

I'm a jack of all trades and master of none currently living in Seattle. During my life I have worked as an EMT, a union shipwright on aircraft carriers and Trident submarines, senior unix systems administrator, advanced wireless tech support guru, clincal lab (human health care) analyst, courier driver and certified nursing assistant. But not in that order. I am younger than forty and older than twenty, married, and I share my house with my cat (or perhaps my cat shares his house with me?) and a tank full of fantastically inbred, unnaturally selected guppies. I have been on the bulletin boards, fidonets et al since before Al Gore invented the internet. My first email addresses had exclamation points instead of 'at' signs.  My first homepage was written in HTML 2.0 for the brand new Netscape browser, an amazing leap forward from the terminal based browsers like lynx. Which I still use quite often, thank you very much.

This site is my dumping ground for all things that amuse me, confound me, anger me and/or edify me. Hopefully you will find some value from what I regurgitate for teh interwebz as well. In addition to being a forum for me to collect links and post snarky commentary, it is also a place for me to share hints and tips about my favorite OS Linux (and the SlackWare distro), the workings of the net, and my experiences with various software. It is my hope that people who visit my site because they know me personally are amused and edified, and the people who find me looking for technical information find what they need in succinct, useful ways.

This is a vehemently noncommercial site. Not because I'm an unapologetic godless socialist (I am, and a gun owner to boot) but because there's easier and more profitable ways to make money than whoring out your templates to googleads and rotating banners. This side is beholden to nobody but myself, for better or worse, within the generous bounds of my hosting provider. It is my intention to be a good netizen and always give proper attributes, label NSFW material as such, avoid linkfarming, produce useful documents for the oracle and create standards compliant (X)HTML/CSS (See disclaimer above and to the right).

If you have any questions or comments that are ad free, cogent and grammatically correct, you may contact me. Otherwise, please spend a lot of time working on your missive then send it to /dev/null. Several times a day.