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Review: Mobipocket Reader

Sunday, 15/02/2009 ≅14:53 ©brainycat

I installed the free Mobipocket Reader on my Blackberry 8300/v4.5 a couple of days ago. My first impression was finding books I wanted to read was going to be a real time consuming chore via EDGE, so I went to the mobipocket online bookstore via FireFox. I found several titles I want to read, but I wasn't going to spend roughly eight bucks a title for the electronic versions when I can get the paper versions used for the same price.

Next, I checkd my local library and VOILA! For the price of a free library card, I could download up to 20 mobibooks at a time and keep them for 3 weeks each. All from the convenience of wherever I happened to be at the time! I selected 5 titles to begin with:

After providing my Mobipocket Reader PID to the library's database, I "checked out" (downloaded) the software to my laptop. "In the Beginning" and "100 People" are just over 200kb, "Deer Hunting" is about 800kb, "Heavy Metal" is 1.1MB and the hefty file is "Google Tools" at 17.6MB. That file includes numerous images. Once they were downloaded, I copied them via USB to the /ebooks directory I had already created on the SD card in the Blackberry.

I am very impressed with the software. It is easy to select a font that you are comfortable with, navigation is simple if you're accustomed to Blackberry shortcuts, the software loads fast and is responsive. Mobipocket Reader handles the images very well, inserting links as placeholders, then rendering the page with a thumbnail. Clicking the thumbnail brings you a full size image you can scroll around. If you leave a title, you will be returned to where you left when you open it up again. I placed a bookmark in a file, but I have yet to find where to go back to the bookmark. There is a menuĀ  option titled "Navigation" which seems to imply a submenu, but when I select it nothing happens for me.

All in all, I would highly recommend this software to any blackberry poweruser who wants to extend the functionality of their device. Blackberry skills and hardware requirements you will need to use this software include:

  • downloading and installing applications
  • keyboard shortcut navigation
  • navigating the Blackberry SD filesystem
  • an SD card with a nominal amount of available space
  • Handheld OS version 3.7 or higher

My one caveat is that I recommend finding a source of free titles rather than relying on the bookstore that the software will point you towards.