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WordPress 2.8.4 update: 3 Files changed

Saturday, 15/08/2009 ≅13:42 ©brainycat

I updated wordpress for the (latest) critical security update. I can't find anywhere at to download a patch. So, I downloaded the whole 2MB tarball so I could update... three files, only one of which has new code. Here's what svn shows after merging 2.8.4 into 2.8.3:

U    wp-login.php
U    wp-includes/version.php
U    readme.html

WordPress 2.8.3 Upgrade: Success!

Monday, 10/08/2009 ≅07:56 ©brainycat

I fixed the bugs I flushed out. What happened is that my hack to get quarterly archives did in fact rely on $wpdb and the old taxonomy structure, so those calls were returning NULL results. I fixed it by doing away with the quarterly archives and deploying a dropdown with javascript.

Blog Upgrade: WordPress 2.8.3 FAIL

Sunday, 09/08/2009 ≅13:03 ©brainycat

The wordpress team finally got the bugs worked out of the new release. So began the process of upgrading. I run all my sites off of svn, which makes life easier in several ways: I have backups, I can rollback changes, and I can hack at the software and keep my changes even as the [...]