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Conjuctivitis suxorz

Wednesday, 29/04/2009 ≅14:57 ©brainycat

Somehow, I aquired a nonspecific topical bacterial infection on my right eye. I'm glad it's not viral pinkeye, but it's no joyride either. Yesterday, it began burning - not itching like allergies - and a thin film of mucous kept building up that I wiped off with a qtip so I could see. I figured I probably got a cat hair in it while I was snuggling my kitty and scratched my cornea or something. So I slept on it, but in the morning my eye was crusted shut and it HURT. I called work and told them I have swine eye (they didn't think that was as funny as I did) and made an appointment at the clinic.

I love my clinic. Everything's computerized; if I call in from my cellphone, my records pull up automagically when they pick up the line. When I check in, I swipe my card and the deductible is immediately paid. When they take me to an exam room, my records are right there waiting for the doctor. I've gained 4 FRICKIN' KILOS since I quit drinking! WTF!! But my blood pressure is still good, 102/80. She was able to confirm my history, my medications and get on with the exam in moments. She verified it's not pinkeye and not cancer, and prescribed ciprofloxacin, antibiotic "of last resort" according to Wiki. She clicked a button and the prescription was sent to my pharmacy. Hot DAMN, I love technology!

The prescription was ready by the time I walked the 15 blocks to the pharmacy. I got home and dutifully put a drop in my eye. I've always hated putting drops in my eye, and it took a couple of tries before the liquid actually landed on my cornea. ZOMG! THE PPPAAAAINNN!!!! It must be medicine, it hurts like all unholy hell. I haven't noticed any improvement in the discomfort, but the mucous isn't building up any more. It's now draining down my cheek. And probably dripping into my sinus, and hopefully I won't get a secondary sinus infection. That's all I need with the plague lurking around the corner.

So what have I done on my day off? Not much. Answered some for people at, hopped on the Wednesday Weirdness meme, watched a show about the excavation of Caesarea, played with the cat and generally fucked off. I'm supposed to stay home from work tomorrow too, lest I become Patient Zero at the office.