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Hardware Review: Jaybird JB-200 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Tuesday, 17/03/2009 ≅08:30 ©brainycat

Jaybird JB-200
Stereo Bluetooth headphones
Jaybird's website

I received the JB-200 headphones about a week ago, and I've been listening to them every day since. I wanted a pair of A2DP stereo headphones that were light, unobtrusive and not likely to fall out or bounce around while excercising. I've previously had the Motorola S9, and I didn't like them at all. The band across the back would catch on my collar and jam the earbuds toward the front of my skull, a singularly less than pleasant sensation. Also, they made a clicking noise every 4 seconds. I know it's not my blackberry, because other headphones didn't click.

After looking around on the web, I found the Jaybird JB-200. Marketed towards the mobile, excercising crowd, these were billed as the most unobtrusive, secure, waterproof bluetooth headphones available. I checked out some of the reviews, found that people generally liked them a lot,  so I bought a pair. Piqued? Read on...

Review: Mobipocket Reader

Sunday, 15/02/2009 ≅14:53 ©brainycat

I installed the free Mobipocket Reader on my Blackberry 8300/v4.5 a couple of days ago. My first impression was finding books I wanted to read was going to be a real time consuming chore via EDGE, so I went to the mobipocket online bookstore via FireFox. I found several titles I want to read, but [...]