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Killing bugs and dropping some cruft

Monday, 27/10/2008 ≅15:51 ©brainycat

I fixed the "phantom category" problem. I either added each post to an existing category, or I deleted the post.

Actually, I deleted about half my posts. I lost all the pictures when I messed up my upgrade a while back [ note to self: look for a way to setup the /upload directories to stay static as I move the codebase/ServerRoot around ] and a lot of the posts from email just didn't seem like it was worth the effort to massage into shape.

I had actually been giving a lot of thought to wiping all the posts and starting over. I definitely want to do more with this blog, and like EVERY other blogger "I really need to post more often". So, I believe I shall. I really do have the time, and I have plenty of things to say... It's just that I haven't gotten myself into the habit of both saying them when they come up in conversation, and remembering to blog about it. Additionally, I need to update some plugins and install Gallery. If I'dve installed Gallery, my images would be in the database and I wouldn't have had to delete all those posts. Oh well.