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Ahoy! Hoist the Sheets!

Monday, 23/02/2009 ≅08:56 ©brainycat

A new buddy of mine invited me to come sail with him on Lake Union yesterday. He has a membership in the Center For Wooden Boats, so he gets to take a boat out anytime the wind isn't too strong.

As we waited for the office to open, the wind was extremely favorable for pushing a little boat around the lake. We rigged up the boat, donned our PFDs and pushed off.

And sat there, slowly bobbing up and down for a couple of minutes. The sailing gods have just a sick sense of humor as the rest of them.

Undaunted, we paddled away from the dock and out into the open air. Not that it did us much good. We slowly sailed (drifted) along the western shore, north towards Gasworks Park. Past dozens of yachts with more interior space than my house. Many, many for sale signs. I cried big huge crocodile tears for each of them.

While the wind wasn't especially cooperative, we had a great time. We chatted about this and that, and we found out that we're both F1 fanatics. Excellent. I have someone to watch races with this year, and this makes me happy. We watched Kenmore Airtaxi's finest take off and land several times.

About .75 miles from the dock, we started to head back. Another lazy trip and some more chatting, we eventually made it back to the docks without incident. What a great, lazy day. It was so nice to have nothing to but enjoy the sun and scenery for a couple of hours. I'm looking forward to going out again.