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brainycat version 1.0 unleashed

Sunday, 01/06/2008 ≅00:29 ©brainycat

Version 1.0 of The Adventures of BrainyCat is now in production. Violating every rule of what blogs look like, it looks like what I like to see on my screen.

I've added many features. Let's see... post via email, post to bookmarking sites, rewrote the rendering inside the loop, new colorscheme.

I could not have done this without subversion. It's been a little challenging at times to get my head around it's way of doing things, but I've certainly gotten to a point where I feel comfortable navigating the repo as well as my workspace. I'd been having tremendous difficulty with trying to undo changes. While reading up on tags I found the directions for undoing changes. Oops.

If I wanted to start the svn configuration over from scratch, here's what I'd do:

  1. install wordpress and all the plugins and themes to the dev site
  2. create repo as normal
  3. import the dev site into the rep, skipping the local configuration files
  4. svn mkdir path/to/tags/version-0.1
  5. cd path/to/dev/docroot
  6. svn copy ./ path/to/tags/version-0.1
  7. cd /path/to/prod/docroot
  8. svn switch path/to/tags/version-0.1
  9. login as admin to prod site and activate plugins, setup options, etc
  10. test instalation.