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Four for Friday

Friday, 01/05/2009 ≅12:07 ©brainycat
  • Q1 Democracy: According to a friend of mine, the Pope is on record as saying democracy cannot survive without religion "A democracy without values can easily turn into an open or hidden totalitarianism as history teaches us." My friend read between the lines, replacing "values" with "religion." Do you think democracy can survive without organized religion?

I think democracy can survive despite religion. Religious sects of all flavors do not own any monopoly on morality; and the Pope's own church provides numerous examples of this. Secondly, democracy is only more "moral" in the context of modern western values. Democracy is a new form of social organization and for many cultures that haven't adopted industrial production, it doesn't make any sense. Thirdly, organized religion is the least democratic institution in the western world. Where else is the word from some invisible master accepted without question as the absolute rule of law? And why do religious people want to limit the rights of other people they live with?

  • Q2 Replay: Sixteen years ago on Thanksgiving Day, Phillipsburg High School and Easton Area High School left the football field without a clear winner: a 7-7 tie. That is about to change. The participants, now grown men in their early 30s, will head back onto the field this weekend to settle the score. Are there moments from high school you would like to replay?

I'd like to do most of highschool over again. You know the old adage that goes "If I knew then what I know now..."? Yeah. I'd get better grades and earn a scholarship. I'd approach girls a lot more. I wouldn't party so hard so often. I wouldn't let my home situation get me down so much. I'd make more friends and worry less about what other people think of me. Basically, act like a grownup instead of a teenager ;)

  • Q3 Lawsuits: Three-quarters of all small business owners in the U.S. say they are concerned they might be the targets of a frivolous or unfair lawsuit. Of those who are most concerned, six in ten say the fear of lawsuits makes them feel more constrained in making business decisions, and 54 percent say lawsuits or the threat of lawsuits forced them to make decisions they otherwise would not have made. If you could have sued any one person from your past, who would you sue, and for what?

I don't want to sue anyone. I want to kick their ass and hand out knowledge bumps to those who need it without fear of being incarcerated or sued.

  • Q4 Licensing: On this day in 1901, the State of New York became the first U.S. state to require automobile license plates. If you could require a person to obtain a license before doing something that currently does not require licensure, what would it be?

Why does the state get involved with fishing, hunting, using federal (and several state) parks but yet any pair of male and female idiots can get it on and make a baby? WTF?!?!?! This has never made any sense to me.