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and what next?

Sunday, 01/06/2008 ≅01:08 ©brainycat

First, I need bugtracking software. I was originally trying to commit myself to making sure I had my codey notebookwith me at all times... but I've been doing it that way for years and it hasn't gotten me very far. I need an indexed system to track all the stuff I want to fix and help me stay focused on my roadmap. And if it has a timer, so I can see how much time I'm spending on certain projects or types of projects.

And I work with several ticketing systems, so I'm not at all intimidated by them. I looked at the Dreamhost wiki to see what other people are using... the packages were all familiar, but there aren't any that are auto-installed. Mantis of course strikes my fancy. Clean and lean but still robust and intuitive. Software written by people who depend on it is a beautiful thing. And I found some great instructions explaining exactly how to integrate mantis and subversion. Happiness ensues!

I'll actually be able to get some work done in a timely manner with a decent toolset. Now I just need to find more time in the day to do all the coding I want to do. And I need to figure out how to post faster. Sometimes it seems like such a hassle. Why won't they just integrate SEO into the core?

Some notes about Subversion

Sunday, 27/04/2008 ≅11:35 ©brainycat

Dreamhosts info Using subversion for web development Turtle Book

Documentation Depository

Saturday, 26/04/2008 ≅23:42 ©brainycat

I setup a subdomain I’m calling rtfm, at which I’ll be uploading documentation packages for whatever strikes my fancy. Eventually, I could get good at LaTex and generate atomically integrated documentation from the source, but this isn’t that day. So I’ll just be uploading my own mirrors of whatever I need. Currently, I only have [...]

Favorite themes

Saturday, 26/04/2008 ≅19:30 ©admin

Note to self: ICE 1.0 Blandy 1.0 Are the best templates, but neither are widget aware. Which is ok, because the widget aware themes don’t want to play nice with the plugins. So we’re back to the part where I need to get SVN setup. Which is new for me. I’ve used a couple of [...]

Check the easy two off…

Saturday, 26/04/2008 ≅18:22 ©admin

8 themes and many plugins are installed, now I need to do some real sysadminning and get SVN on board.