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Youtube woes

Friday, 16/05/2008 ≅18:38 ©brainycat

I'm a youtube junkie. I spend hours watching all the music videos I never see* anywhere else, as well as the videos I grew up on. But the site really pisses me off. Maybe it's because I use Firefox, maybe it's the NoScript plugin, maybe it's my firewall, maybe it's the way I've set up my network despite my provider's inane bullshit** but after watching a few videos my browser doesn't see the HTTP headers. I click on a link, and I get a page of raw HTML. No video. No workaround. Has anyone else had this problem? Plz let me know if you've found out the cause and/or solution. It's really starting to piss me off!

jAnother youtube annoyance:

I setup automagic posting. But I can only set the title and add a comment. It would be nice if I could add tags and categories. Must need research if this is an RPC limitation, or if youtube is just being braindead.

*MTV is so NOT in the "FAVORITES" menu on my DVR. VH1 is, but they don't play videos hardly ever. I like their 80's and metal shows, but they just play the same handful over and over. To find good videos that the rest of the world likes, you have to go online.

**No names, but my provider sounds like "bombast" and you've heard of them. They've been in the news lately for the way they handle filesharing protocols.