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FIA rules on diffusers

Wednesday, 15/04/2009 ≅09:10 ©brainycat

I've already said everything I have to say about the diffuser issue.

I'm ECSTATIC that the FIA ruling has finally come down on the side of common sense. This does little for "cost saving" - but oh well. Plenty of really smart and talented people get to work overtime redesigning cars this year. We get to see some big money and big talent struggle to keep up, which will serve to flush out any weak links in their respective chains and really show us what all that money is good for.

It's like a cataclysmic asteroid hitting a planet: kinda sucks until the new equilibrium is established, but it's anyone's game while the whole system is shaken up.

The Melbourne Race

Sunday, 29/03/2009 ≅01:52 ©brainycat

WOW. After seeing BraWn GP’s pace all weekend, the only really surprising part of their performance was Barrichello’s stall at the beginning.

45 minutes until the spectacle begins…

Thursday, 26/03/2009 ≅21:50 ©brainycat

F1 TV season in .us begins in 45 minutes. I will probably be asleep; I have to be at work stupidly early in the morning. I’m so excited; it’s funny how at the end of a season it feels like it’s going to be forever until the racing starts, but when it does finally start [...]

Chardonnay and the TinyMCE’s handling of IMG

Sunday, 27/04/2008 ≅00:08 ©brainycat

I just really want to see what posted pix look like. I’m also sensing that I’ll get email updates working before much happens with SVN. Somehow, a bottle of chardonnay became procured while returning from a venture to purchase subversion documentation. Thus, a pic: