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Great F1 clip

Friday, 30/05/2008 ≅18:18 ©brainycat

Smithers found a fantastic clip of the mealy-mouthed short guy from Top Gear spending a day working up from the ranks of Formula Renault's impressive array of championship cars all the way to F1. He hangs out with the Renault team and they put him in a series of progressively faster cars until ultimately he does two laps in an F1 (circa early 2k). All the assists are clearly running at at 100%, and he still manages to let it get away from him a couple of times. I never see him hit 4gear, but he's screaming like a little girl down all the straights nonetheless.

This is THE clip to show non-F1 people why F1 is such an amazing sport. It so clearly demonstrates just how amazingly advanced those machines are, while highlighting the superhuman effort it takes to squeeze the most out of the machinery. Simply brilliant.