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Email Etiquette

Tuesday, 05/10/2010 ≅17:19 ©brainycat

My first email address had a a '!' instead of '@' in it. Back in the days of 300 baud uplinks and disks that cost tens of dollars per megabyte, people understood the value of brevity. In today's networks, where bandwidth flows like manna and storage space is as ubiquitous as dirt, people seem to think that every single communication they send needs to include a whole trove of wholly useless and irrelevant information.

This is my biggest email pet peeve ever:
bad signature

This, and other crucial lessons in email etiquette, are available at

=<140 characters of snark from 2009-08-08

Friday, 07/08/2009 ≅23:45 ©brainycat

UberTwitter is not working, hence I’m not around so much. I miss the people I miss and the news I want to know about. #

=<140 characters of snark from 2009-08-05

Wednesday, 05/08/2009 ≅23:45 ©brainycat

@bob_moss ( fail) in reply to bob_moss # I am so tired, I’m actually contemplated drinking coffee for the first time in… a couple years, at least # A pox on you, Work! How dare you keep me from my beloved bed! # In the meantime, I’m happily reaffirming my dim view of humanity [...]

=<140 characters of snark from 2009-08-05

Tuesday, 04/08/2009 ≅23:45 ©brainycat

@DDJaded come to the Dark Sode, we have cookies! Oh wait, you’re already here… :) in reply to DDJaded # @DDJaded I will get you some cookies, but only because I like you :) in reply to DDJaded # via @bear5 And where do my wife and I (happily kidless) fit into his twisted, [...]

=<140 characters of snark from 2009-08-03

Monday, 03/08/2009 ≅23:45 ©brainycat

RT @micknugent: In practice, atheism is far more about a way of thinking than it is about the outcomes that result from that thinking # RT @ClinicEscort: debunks FRC claim that public healthcare will deny surgery for seniors to fund abortions # Operation “rescue” issues fatwa against midweatern women’s healthcare provider # [...]