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Iris – Annie

Wednesday, 21/05/2008 ≅19:21 ©brainycat

I heard the original mix once on ebm radio and I've been looking for it ever since to see if it holds up to a second listening. I have one Iris' earlier albums, and it never made it onto my mp3 server. It's just a little too... soft. It's listenable, but it's the kind of music I used to keep around just for when da hunnies wuz chillin' in da crib ya know? Now that I'm married it just doesn't get listened to. But then I heard this track, and I was WOWED! The way he delivers the line, "Annie, would I lie to you" is the single most infectious line I've heard since Otep's "And you will know me by the scars I bear!".

This remix of "Annie" is extremely listenable, though best suited for a mix or the dancefloor. It's a little long for sitting through, and while it holds a great rythym and I love the way the keyboard sounds almost like a calliope... but the title line gets buried. When I heard the original on the radio, the lyrics weren't buried so deep and he's got such a great voice. Still, it gets the brainycat stamp of approval. Enjoy. If you know if there's a video, let me know!

Annie, Would I Lie to You (Y1.999 Extension) - Iris