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Winter is coming, Showtime is going

Thursday, 30/09/2010 ≅13:13 ©brainycat

Why I'm getting HBO next year.

I've been a big fan of the Song of Ice and Fire series for several years, and like the rest of the fanbase I'm eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the series from George R.R. Martin. Unfortunately, he keeps getting distracted from his duties and doing things like helping the production of the HBO miniseries. We're sticking with Showtime long enough to finish out Dexter, then we're going to HBO because I. CAN'T. MISS. THIS. The trailers are awesome; they're clearly put together by someone who knows and loves the books. The visuals I've seen so far absolutely catch the feel of the books: the grit, the pageantry, the intrigue, the passion, the hate, the joy and the loss. Pillars of the Earth, this isn't.

I recommend this series to everyone who says, "the fantasy genre is worn out; there's nothing new since Tolkein." I've been just as bored with Tolkienesque fantasy as gazillions of other potential fans for decades, I understand their sentiment. But George is able to take the tropes from 16th century Europe, add in the memory of magic and dragons from just a few generations ago, and create an entirely human epic that works on every level simultaneously. While it certainly recycles some well worn fantasy tropes, the implementation is so subtle and finely crafted that they're more like a familiar features in a world so epic, so finely thought out and so real that you can completely immerse yourself in the series.

I'll read Game of Thrones again before the series starts, because I'm enough of an asshole that I'll enjoy pointing out all the differences from the book, but I'm still holding off on rereading the entire series until all the books are out. If he pulls a Robert Jordan on this, I will personally seek him out in hell and spend a few centuries flaying him daily.

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