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=<140 characters of snark from 2009-08-08

Friday, 07/08/2009 ≅23:45 ©brainycat
  • UberTwitter is not working, hence I'm not around so much. I miss the people I miss and the news I want to know about. #

=<140 characters of snark from 2009-08-05

Wednesday, 05/08/2009 ≅23:45 ©brainycat

@bob_moss ( fail) in reply to bob_moss # I am so tired, I’m actually contemplated drinking coffee for the first time in… a couple years, at least # A pox on you, Work! How dare you keep me from my beloved bed! # In the meantime, I’m happily reaffirming my dim view of humanity [...]

=<140 characters of snark from 2009-08-05

Tuesday, 04/08/2009 ≅23:45 ©brainycat

@DDJaded come to the Dark Sode, we have cookies! Oh wait, you’re already here… :) in reply to DDJaded # @DDJaded I will get you some cookies, but only because I like you :) in reply to DDJaded # via @bear5 And where do my wife and I (happily kidless) fit into his twisted, [...]

=<140 characters of snark from 2009-08-03

Monday, 03/08/2009 ≅23:45 ©brainycat

RT @micknugent: In practice, atheism is far more about a way of thinking than it is about the outcomes that result from that thinking # RT @ClinicEscort: debunks FRC claim that public healthcare will deny surgery for seniors to fund abortions # Operation “rescue” issues fatwa against midweatern women’s healthcare provider # [...]

=<140 characters of snark from 2009-08-02

Sunday, 02/08/2009 ≅23:45 ©brainycat

@teebalicious Did I just see you use the words “realistic” and “Hollywood” together ??!? in reply to teebalicious # As long as we’re dreaming, when I’ll appoint you in charge of TV :) # WTF? I meant: As long as we’re dreaming, when I rule the world I’ll appoint you in charge of tv # [...]