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How many Youtube videos start out “I Lost a bet…”

Tuesday, 14/04/2009 ≅19:36 ©brainycat

These are the crucial questions that come up at work. So I decided to find out. The answer: about 6,150. Unfortunately, hilarity does not automatically ensue. The vast majority, at least from my cursory sample, seemed to be of the "I'm too lazy and scatterbrained to gather my thoughts into cohesive or even grammatically correct posts, so instead I ramble in front of a camera" genre.

She's cute at about 2:45:

I don't understand. Am I supposed to be turned on? Epic Fail, girl. Try again.

Do us all a favor and STFU

Humanity may be generating more data every year than in the entire 19th century... but not all of it is worth keeping

0:19 "Like, Ohhh My Gawd! You guys are like so totally brutal! Gag me with a spoon fer shure!"