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How to prepare for swine flu

Thursday, 30/04/2009 ≅16:09 ©brainycat

These are the most cogent, accurate and thoughtful websites I've found that deal with the H1N1 "swine flu" outbreak. The most important thing you can do for yourself and your household is to prepare yourself with knowledge. Epidemics don't work in the real world like they do in fiction (see The Stand, for example). Just because most patients recover and the bodies aren't piling up on your street does not mean this is "just another flu".

The Flu Wiki - A wiki brought to you by leaders in virology, epidemiology and health care

Effect Measure - A blog by an epidemiologist involved with federal efforts to track and prepare for pandemics

CDC swine flu information site

How to prepare your household for pandemic flu

Homeopathic "Medicine" Scam Alert - Print a copy and distribute widely

WHO - What "level 5 pandemic" means

CDC - pandemics occur in waves, don't be lulled by a reduction of new cases

Tips and strategies for your workplace