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=<140 characters of snark from 2010-10-05

Tuesday, 05/10/2010 ≅06:56 ©brainycat

=<140 characters of snark from 2010-10-03

Sunday, 03/10/2010 ≅06:56 ©brainycat

From my blog: : Twitter test # Marked as to-read: Spies, Inc. by Stacy Perman #

Does opensource mean anything at all to the average user?

Monday, 13/04/2009 ≅21:58 ©brainycat

For folks like myself, opensource is a big deal. I’m not going to say I’ve submitted numerous patches to various projects, but I have been able to fix problems that have come up for me, extend functionality, and scripted solutions that make sense for what I want to do. A self-circular argument, because what I [...]

Linux Video Contest

Monday, 13/04/2009 ≅11:59 ©brainycat

Some time ago, the Linux Foundation sponsored a contest to create a video adverstisement for Linux. The winners have been announced. All three of the selected videos take different approaches, but they’re all really good. The first video feels like a Mac video to me; it’s all touchy-feely artsy. Very well done, but not my [...]

Unable to compile with 12.2 php.Slackbuild (trying to add mycrypt)

Wednesday, 18/02/2009 ≅08:45 ©brainycat

I originally posted this at Funnily enough, it was a perfect example of what a coworker and I were talking about the other day. He’s getting a technical degree in systems administration, and this quarter he has a unit on Linux. He’s completely lost. He doesn’t get it. He struggles with the GUI, and [...]