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God Says Aborted Fetuses Are Better Off

Friday, 10/04/2009 ≅11:12 ©brainycat

From Ureasonable Faith:

If the Bible is taken literally as the “Word of God,” you can’t only take Jesus or Leviticus literally. You have to take Ecclesiastes, too. To me it seems obvious the writer of this was just having a bad day or really overstating his case (just like I did here). But it’s just an old book. I don’t have to agree with it. The literalist, on the other hand, must care about this because they believe this is the very words of God.

For a list of other great prohibitions, see the wisdom in Leviticus, especially the parts about no sex with menstruating women and don't eat anything that crawls along the ground. Ummm, yeah ok. Whatever.