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How I got AfterStep 2.2.7 and Gnome 2.2 to work together

Monday, 27/10/2008 ≅15:23 ©brainycat

much later. trying to get gnome working in afterstep. When gdm invokes afterstep, its not calling up the gnome daemons. Where is afterstep getting called? that's the question of the century. The desktop works after running nautilus and the appearances menu. neither network interfaces are working.
these are running in the integrated desktop but not in afterstep alone:
/usr/lib/pulseaudio --log-target=syslog
/usr/lib/bonobo-activation/bonobo-activation-server --ac-activate --ior-output-fd=24
I need to find where gdm is invoking this stuff for metacity and get it invoked when afterstef is called.

fc-cache -fv

there are a LOT of gnome utils that don't show up in aftersteps menus. music players. Administration is there though, and that seems thorough. there's a gnome util for configuring the gnome menu, and it works in metacity. It'd be nice to be able to invoke it from afterstep

sound and video > pulseadio > [nothing]

internet > firefox > ( > playlist.pls) > play with default > [music happened! very impressed with how good the video looks. dragging window or going back to window mode disables video]

thinkpad buttons: volume up/down, but the mute button does not unmute. stop/restart mp3 stream player, still mute.

lets disable eth0 and enable eth1
administration > network tools > eth0 stats works
whois works
> configure [error: interface does not exist]

opend terminal. VERY extensive module list! much more than I had installed on slack. Some were features I don't use: parport, irda. bluetooth was loaded. radeondriver (administration > video settings showed that my monitor was at 50hz and 1400x1050, but no bitdepth??) was installed.

Went to sleep. Came back later. dmesg shows errors inserting hermes module. Modprobe hermes, then modprobe orinoco got the core modules installed. Attempting to connect to wifi fails, no error. Used administration > network interface, unable to bring up wifi though the ESSID is showing up now. It seems that I have to flip between roaming mode on/off to get to the options.

Installed 44 package updates as prompted. Painless enough. It asked me before overwriting /etc/bashrc. I clicked on "diff" button but nothing came up in the window.

Used the Synaptic Package manager. Found afterstep 2.2.7!! Selected numerous dockapps for installation. Selected subversion and subversion-tools. Selected apache2 amd mysqld. PHP required too much click and choose, it would be nice to have a "all php extensions" option.

Control Centre. Lots of options in compiz, but there are no effects available for me. I had effects running afterstep on this machine. I've got the afterstep package installd, but how do I select it? I don't even have virtual desktops in this mode!!!!!!

I'm impressed with the way the screen blanks (though doesn't dark) and wakes up right away.

Window manager does not focus on mouse. disappointing.

to get gnome working i have to call the appearance manager. and desktop icons aren't working. and i had a list of what was in one and not the other.

fc-cache -fv

afterstep's menus are much different than the gnome menus. perhaps i need to point afterstep at the right .desktop files.