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Rain in Seattle

Monday, 10/08/2009 ≅22:34 ©brainycat

It rained for the first time in weeks tonight. Not a hard rain, this is nothing like the thunderstorms I grew up with in the midwest. A steady, gentle light rain that gradually got the ground wet. Just enough to raise the accumulated oil and rubber up off the pavement and make the streets good and slippery.

Seattle in the sunshine is like an overexposed snapshot. Or a crusty, dried flower dangling from a brown stalk. It's a parched shadow of itself; the colors are off by a few hues and the tone is wrong. It doesn't feel like my hometown. It feels like overcooked vegetables taste; wane and soft, lacking any real substance.

For me, the penultimate image of Seattle is at night. Drops shimmering like so many falling stars in the cone of light cast from a lonely streetlamp, the illumination barely catching a few leaves from the nearby trees. Wires drooping from the pole, arcing in every direction towards the houses. The rumble and splash of the occaisonal car passing by a couple of blocks away. The roiling, reddish grey cast to the grey blanket hanging so closely overhead you feel like it's just out of reach.

Rain in Seattle. Comforting, nourishing, cleansing. For a few moments, I can feel the drops gently landing on my face and feel like all is right in my world.