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Monday Meme: Curious as a Cat

Monday, 27/04/2009 ≅15:21 ©brainycat

Join the meme fun at Curious as a Cat and get yer Monday brain jumpstarted. I did and it was fun.

1) If I could make one change to my workplace, I would install taller cubicles. We have the half-height cubicles, and it looks like a graveyard with everyone's head and shoulders sticking up. And there's not enough room to properly display my Ferrari team flag and thumbtack the various charts and lists that I need immediate access to. I would really like to increase my privacy and wall acreage. If I could make two changes, I would also put a state of the art filtration/sterilization system to reduce my chances of getting sick.

2) The silliest thing I ever heard from my parents was either "Of course god exists, it says so in the [King James] bible" or my dad saying, "If you try drugs once, you'll go crazy forever." Little did he know, I was already irrevocably nuts ;)

3) The most fascinating crime that happened before my time would either be the destruction of the Knights Templar, or the antics of Jack the Ripper. I think the Knights Templar were a fascinating intersection of politics, religion, wealth and knowledge at a time before the four were necessarily as interdependent as they are today. Essentially, the betrayal of the Knights teaches us a lot about how the changing economy ground old political structures beneath it's incessant wheels. Jack the Ripper is cool, the first truly modern serial killer and inspiration of so many theories, arguments, speculation and ultimately even novels and movies.

big-mouth4) Flipper the dolphin mated with a buffalo and is hanging out on the Porch! Get a camera!