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45 minutes until the spectacle begins…

Thursday, 26/03/2009 ≅21:50 ©brainycat

F1 TV season in .us begins in 45 minutes. I will probably be asleep; I have to be at work stupidly early in the morning. I'm so excited; it's funny how at the end of a season it feels like it's going to be forever until the racing starts, but when it does finally start it seems like last season just ended a couple of weeks ago. Piqued? Read on...

Great F1 clip

Friday, 30/05/2008 ≅18:18 ©brainycat

Smithers found a fantastic clip of the mealy-mouthed short guy from Top Gear spending a day working up from the ranks of Formula Renault’s impressive array of championship cars all the way to F1. He hangs out with the Renault team and they put him in a series of progressively faster cars until ultimately he [...]