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=<140 characters of snark from 2010-10-05

Tuesday, 05/10/2010 ≅06:56 ©brainycat

=<140 characters of snark from 2010-10-03

Sunday, 03/10/2010 ≅06:56 ©brainycat

From my blog: : Twitter test # Marked as to-read: Spies, Inc. by Stacy Perman #

Rain in Seattle

Monday, 10/08/2009 ≅22:34 ©brainycat

It rained for the first time in weeks tonight. Not a hard rain, this is nothing like the thunderstorms I grew up with in the midwest.

Ahoy! Hoist the Sheets!

Monday, 23/02/2009 ≅08:56 ©brainycat

A new buddy of mine invited me to come sail with him on Lake Union yesterday. He has a membership in the Center For Wooden Boats, so he gets to take a boat out anytime the wind isn’t too strong. As we waited for the office to open, the wind was extremely favorable for pushing [...]

Seattle PI prints a rebuttal to Joel Connelly

Wednesday, 04/02/2009 ≅14:32 ©brainycat

Redeeming themselves in my eyes, the Seattle PI ran an excellent column written by Lisa M. Stone, executive director of Northwest Women’s Law Center, Christine Charbonneau, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and  Karen Cooper, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Washington. In this column, these women demonstrate the misinformation and poor [...]