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New features at BrainyCat World Domination HQ

Sunday, 12/04/2009 ≅20:50 ©brainycat

First, I'm proud to announce the new site! It features several hundred images I've collected from the internet, mostly desktop wallpapers. Oddly, I don't change my own desktop wallpaper very often, but I collect them. Also, I've rendered them into the 15 most common mobile device screensizes, there's sure to be an image to spruce up your PDA or phone. You can email the image directly to your device or copy it to your pc then download it to your phone. I found the list of common device sizes at sender11, and I still need to go back and do some SEO optimization; gluing the device models to each picture size.

I've also included a gratuitious random image in the sidebar. A perfect example of a great use for regexps would be a way to tell gallery "if the album name contains *[N,n][S,s][F,f][W,w]*, exclude from random image pool". All in all though, it's a fantastic piece of software and I'm looking forward to helping the 3.x effort.

I've run across some limitations in gallery2. Gallery2 is fantastic if you have a series of albums of widely unique content with different thumbnail and display needs. Unfortunately, if you have a variety of nearly identical albums, it is quite a chore to configure each album one by one. I wish there was a way to use regexps to apply configurations to a set of nearly identical albums. I looked at the database, thinking I could cheat a little like I did with WordPress, but there's 63 tables in that database! Forgive me for a moment of laziness, and deciding to just get the site up the one sure way rather than spend a week trying to make sense of all the JOINS ON. I didn't want to crush my laptop by duplicating the 83MB database locally; there's a few hundred megs of images to track and it would take me as long to do it by hand than duplicate it locally to look for a programmatic solution.

I also provided links to the slackware packages I've built at /linux/slackware-packages. These are all original builds for software I couldn't find at or alien. Included are all the multimedia libraries I could find, rebuilds of k3b, k9copy and kaffeine to take advantage of the new libs, gimp2.6, a build of elvis that doesn't include X but allows syntax highlighting, and some other goodies. Unfortunately, my notes don't explain what depends on what very well. I know the media players will all want the media libraries and dvd libraries, and gimp wants the gcraw and the FFT libraries, but other than that I'm not really sure. I should probable elucidate the dependencies more clearly.

They are all built with the 686 processor optimizations, and I definitely notice a difference in the media playback and mp3 encoding with the optmizations.