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Book Review: Still Broken by AJ Rossmiller

Monday, 16/03/2009 ≅22:39 ©brainycat

Book Review:
Still Broken: A Recruit's Inside Account of Intelligence Failures, from Baghdad to the Pentagon
AJ Rossmiller
MobiPocket ebook
ISBN-10: 0891419144
ISBN-13: 978-0891419143

I enjoyed reading this book. I felt it was a small glimmer into a world that I will never be a part of, but affects me everyday. AJ was hired out of college into the state department, and worked as an intelligence analyst. This book chronicles his rise from a young, idealistic junior adminstrator to young, idealistic junior intgelligence analyst, and his subsequent resignation from his post after explaining to his management exactlty what's wrong with them. Piqued? Read on...