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Stay tuned for some big changes around here…

Sunday, 18/05/2008 ≅22:00 ©brainycat

Big things happening over on the dev site. I started the day with a total of 30 checkins to svn, and I ended the day with 114. I've got the sidebar setup, most of the bookmarking done and the 90% of the stylesheet done.

I still need to make sure the bookmarks are integrated, and that's probably going to require digging into the trunk to be able to run url_encode(the_permalink)). I may be able to skate if some kind soul has posted some docs. I need to update all the drilldown pages to reflect the new classes I installed in the style.  I'm going to let the header slide until the next release, because CSS positioning and I don't get along very well. The footer will be done in this release.

I really need to generate some scripts that will sync every table except options from the live site to the dev site.

And I need to remember to remove the static configuration file from svn before I update the live site.

I'd like to say I'm a lot more comfortable with svn now... but not really. I needed to undo some changes I'd checked in, and I had a lot of trouble trying to revert. I'll read up on that tomorrow. All in all, I only had to dig out the books once.