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WordPress 2.8.4 update: 3 Files changed

Saturday, 15/08/2009 ≅13:42 ©brainycat

I updated wordpress for the (latest) critical security update. I can't find anywhere at to download a patch. So, I downloaded the whole 2MB tarball so I could update... three files, only one of which has new code. Here's what svn shows after merging 2.8.4 into 2.8.3:

U    wp-login.php
U    wp-includes/version.php
U    readme.html

Blog Upgrade: WordPress 2.8.3 FAIL

Sunday, 09/08/2009 ≅13:03 ©brainycat

The wordpress team finally got the bugs worked out of the new release. So began the process of upgrading. I run all my sites off of svn, which makes life easier in several ways: I have backups, I can rollback changes, and I can hack at the software and keep my changes even as the [...]

WordPress Upgrade to 2.7.1

Monday, 23/02/2009 ≅11:35 ©brainycat

As you may have noticed, I’ve made some changes to the site recently. I’ve gone to one post per page and fixed nearly 40 UI bugs in the last few days. Behind the scenes, I’ve also upgraded to WordPress 2.7.1 from 2.6.2. I never upgrade to x.0 releases. I’ll let everyone else find the bugs [...]

brainycat version 1.0 unleashed

Sunday, 01/06/2008 ≅00:29 ©brainycat

Version 1.0 of The Adventures of BrainyCat is now in production. Violating every rule of what blogs look like, it looks like what I like to see on my screen. I’ve added many features. Let’s see… post via email, post to bookmarking sites, rewrote the rendering inside the loop, new colorscheme. I could not have [...]

Stay tuned for some big changes around here…

Sunday, 18/05/2008 ≅22:00 ©brainycat

Big things happening over on the dev site. I started the day with a total of 30 checkins to svn, and I ended the day with 114. I’ve got the sidebar setup, most of the bookmarking done and the 90% of the stylesheet done. I still need to make sure the bookmarks are integrated, and [...]