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Another rev for

Wednesday, 25/02/2009 ≅21:13 ©brainycat

I just updated to version-1.5. This update includes numerous UI tweaks, expanded results per page with excerpts, links to tags, and a new structure for the pages.

This is the first update that really digs into the database. As well as the template updates, there is much work to be done massaging the database into shape. But it will be nice to take a break from php for a while and do some pointy-clicky.

And have some time to write more posts and SURF MORE! I am SOOO behind reading up my RSS and blogs and news. F1 season is right around the corner and I haven't even read any racing news in a week.

Unable to compile with 12.2 php.Slackbuild (trying to add mycrypt)

Wednesday, 18/02/2009 ≅08:45 ©brainycat

I originally posted this at Funnily enough, it was a perfect example of what a coworker and I were talking about the other day. He’s getting a technical degree in systems administration, and this quarter he has a unit on Linux. He’s completely lost. He doesn’t get it. He struggles with the GUI, and [...]

Installing Slackware 12.2 on the Thinkpad T-30

Sunday, 25/01/2009 ≅11:43 ©brainycat

I decided it was time to move on from LinuxMint. LinuxMint is a great distro… for people who view computers as tools that make music, video and the internet happen, and I recommend it wholeheartedly for firsttime linux users. It comes with absolutely gorgeous themes; I’m partial to dark themes and they had a great [...]

Killing bugs and dropping some cruft

Monday, 27/10/2008 ≅15:51 ©brainycat

I fixed the “phantom category” problem. I either added each post to an existing category, or I deleted the post. Actually, I deleted about half my posts. I lost all the pictures when I messed up my upgrade a while back [ note to self: look for a way to setup the /upload directories to [...]

How I got AfterStep 2.2.7 and Gnome 2.2 to work together

Monday, 27/10/2008 ≅15:23 ©brainycat

====== much later. trying to get gnome working in afterstep. When gdm invokes afterstep, its not calling up the gnome daemons. Where is afterstep getting called? that’s the question of the century. The desktop works after running nautilus and the appearances menu. neither network interfaces are working. these are running in the integrated desktop but [...]