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Monday morning blah

Monday, 28/04/2008 ≅08:30 ©brainycat

It's monday, and I'm back at work. Training isn't so bad, except for the glacial pace. This is the first chance I've had to see the site on IE. It looks better on firefox, though it remains to be seen if that's a function of display settings. All the features seem to work ok, except for the known bugs. Hopefully I'll have the production site up and running while I wait for my wife to get off work, then I can start beating this site into shape.


  1. Get www up and running
  2. install some plugins? Need to find an expert list of the must-have plugins.
  3. Create my own theme.
  4. Install gallery and gallery plugins. Upload pics.
  5. Start working on some real projects.

Development site is running

Sunday, 27/04/2008 ≅23:39 ©brainycat

I am posting this on the site I got running. In order to do development on wordpress without fear of breaking something useful, I had to change the user that some of the files were hosted under, which broke the live site. That’s ok. I also had to backup the db from the live [...]

Favorite themes

Saturday, 26/04/2008 ≅19:30 ©admin

Note to self: ICE 1.0 Blandy 1.0 Are the best templates, but neither are widget aware. Which is ok, because the widget aware themes don’t want to play nice with the plugins. So we’re back to the part where I need to get SVN setup. Which is new for me. I’ve used a couple of [...]

Check the easy two off…

Saturday, 26/04/2008 ≅18:22 ©admin

8 themes and many plugins are installed, now I need to do some real sysadminning and get SVN on board.

First Post

Saturday, 26/04/2008 ≅18:14 ©brainycat

Lots to do before this is really ready for presentation: setup trunk in svn install plugins, configure find better theme template (but this is the fun part so it will probably get done first) build theme work on some real projects