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Why I haven’t blogged in 6 weeks

Tuesday, 14/07/2009 ≅22:54 ©brainycat

I got hooked on Twitter. I resisted for a long time, but once I found UberTwitter it was all over for me. I'm a slave to the timeline. I've also met some really great tweeps, some likeminded tweeps and a few braindead morons. Twitter reminds me of IRC back before other IM came around, when it was used as a generic stream of information and ideas that you could dip in and sample whenever you had a spare moment.

A few rules I've found handy:

  • I only follow payforpix ladies who send me a pic with "Owned by BrainyCat" written across their tits
  • I only follow tweeps who actually contribute content, instead of RT'ing everyone else
  • If they're so good at online marketing, why are they following me on twitter?
  • Brevity is the mother of eloquence. If you can't say it one tweet, don't say it.

I used the twitter-tools plugin, with a few minor modifications. I looked around, and while it's not a perfect solution, it does everything I need it to do: automagically post blogs to twitter, and shows my latest tweet. I may get around to improving it, but that's not too high on the list right now.

My greatest tweets so far:
Illiterate goatherders

Anyways, I have a whole list of topics to write up. I may even be able to carve out time for them. But I expect I shall be blogging much more regularly now that I've glued my two sources of internet fame together.