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NASA poll: Biggest Hits for the Home Planet

Tuesday, 14/04/2009 ≅14:10 ©brainycat

In line with the recent post about the validity of online polling, NASA is sponsoring a poll celebrating Earth Day where we get to vote for the 3 most important advances in terrestrial observation that NASA has provided in the last 50 years. At the landing page is a list of major achievements, complete with links to spectacular imagery. Vote on the second page. Javascript required to vote.

Absontee Election Ballot Coverage

Tuesday, 28/10/2008 ≅14:56 ©brainycat

I’m working on my ballot. Initiatives are my favorite part of voting. Except the drivel that comes from Tim Eyman. I-985 is a joke at best, and a wasteful debacle that jeopardizes public safety everywhere in the state. Oddly enough, both sides quote the same report for their numbers about what the real costs and [...]

Lists of how my legislators voted on the bailout

Saturday, 04/10/2008 ≅11:13 ©brainycat

So, I’ve never been a single issue voter, I look for the most leftist candidate and they get my vote. This fall it’s different. I am so mad about the “bailout” I don’t even know where to start. All I know is my wife and I should be allowed to list both the executive branch [...]