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Why the Matt Shepard bill needs to pass

Wednesday, 29/04/2009 ≅16:57 ©brainycat

I don't normally have the patience to sit through "fact finding" youtube videos, but this one is worth it. A systematic explanation of the lies coming from the Traditional Values Coalition regarding the federal effort to add sexual orientation to the federal hate crime list. It's really well done, succinct, and not preachy. And has plenty of details to inform your discussions on the subject.

What I can't understand is WHY these crazy people are allowed to spew their bullshit? Besides the moment of fact checking it takes to disprove their blatant lies, where's the historical perspective? Doesn't anyone remember the movement for racial rights, and how the same idiots trotted out these same tired old lies? Civil rights are a definition, not a finite resource. Giving people rights doesn't mean that you're taking them away from someone else. I've heard the argument from rightwing wackos that "my values will be compromised if I have to treat people equally at my job". Too fucking bad, moron. If your momma didn't teach you to play nice with everyone, I guess someone else is going to have to step in and do the job for her.

My wife and I couldn't have gotten married 50 years ago, just because we have different concentrations of melanin in our skin. And like gay couples, we live our lives and do our thing and it makes no difference either way to anyone else. Watch this video and see the evidence that a) gay bashing is a very real threat to a lot of people living in America today, and b) making it a hate crime will only result in positive outcomes for our society.

And tell your representative too.

How many Youtube videos start out “I Lost a bet…”

Tuesday, 14/04/2009 ≅19:36 ©brainycat

These are the crucial questions that come up at work. So I decided to find out. The answer: about 6,150. Unfortunately, hilarity does not automatically ensue. The vast majority, at least from my cursory sample, seemed to be of the “I’m too lazy and scatterbrained to gather my thoughts into cohesive or even grammatically correct [...]

Kuato sings for Quaid

Monday, 16/03/2009 ≅09:16 ©brainycat

2009 F1 Rule Changes Explained, Again

Monday, 02/03/2009 ≅16:52 ©brainycat

So what do you do with a world class serverfarm that’s prohibited by “cost cutting measures” from working on the fluid dynamics you bought it for? You make CGI! Kudos to Red Bull for putting this beautiful little gem together. Being the sort of kid who was great at painstakingly taking things apart, but not [...]

Great F1 clip

Friday, 30/05/2008 ≅18:18 ©brainycat

Smithers found a fantastic clip of the mealy-mouthed short guy from Top Gear spending a day working up from the ranks of Formula Renault’s impressive array of championship cars all the way to F1. He hangs out with the Renault team and they put him in a series of progressively faster cars until ultimately he [...]