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Finally, a reason to adopt twitter

Thursday, 21/05/2009 ≅11:24 ©brainycat

The Boston police department has informed it's citizenry that it will warn them of the zombiepocalypse. I only hope that Seattle's PD is as forward thinking as well. Of course, with all the hippies around here, it'll be a handful of gun owners and the cops vs. the unarmed zombies.

Humanity’s days may be numbered

Tuesday, 03/02/2009 ≅21:05 ©brainycat

For all those who laugh at my preparations for the oncoming end of the Age of Living Humans: The Zombieclypse is starting in Texas, via Skulls in the Stars. And further proof that living humans are not at the top of the terrestrial food chain any longer, via local panic mongerers KIRO tv. If I [...]